We talk of New Trends Like it Wasn't Around 70 years Ago

NEWSFLASH! Hot new looks, straight off the runway, the 50's shift, A-lines and a dose of 60's slutty chic! New? NEW? We're calling this new. Well, it could be new in terms of next generation new, or new designer. But how, may I ask, do such Fashion Houses as Prada claim a prize for a dress that has had it's neckline slightly tweaked from the old design. Were not new, we're practically golden oldies with some of the stuff you get on the NEW Catwalk. And the biggest scam of them all would have to be the Utility Jacket (diamond quilt). We are getting quite lame, stealing a 1940's farmer's dress sense. What HAVE we got this coming summer, a bustle in the backside, perhaps?

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