DIY Love: Shoes

Forget going vintage, we like to fake it while being tree-huggers.

Lacy Menace: It's so easy to make a pair of shoes laced, you could probably do it with your eyes closed (though may turn out wonky). Buy a pack of eyelets, available at most textile retailers. Then evenly space out the eyelets across the edge of the shoe (instructions are usually included) on both sides, using equal amounts. Then take any pair of laces, ribbon, maybe even elastic (left). The shoe has to be open top (basically not boots) for it to work. Ask for the small size eyelets when purchasing, or go for big if you want a unique take.

Stamp stamp stamp: We all know those things that go on envelopes when were sending off bills of cards, right? Well, why not stamp them all over your shoes (not the stick on ones). Choose anything, ink stamps in the shape of flowers, URGENT stamps, or a stamp from a nightclub. Sure to be statement whatever you're doing.

Cut Me up: Plastic or rubber shoes are perfect for sinking a knife into....sanely, of course. Why not try making interesting shapes into your shoes?

Paint the Town: Quite literally paint the town red with your shoes. paint them all over, or use a mosaic to do your dirty work. Differentiate the colours (with the mosaic) to make them boho chic.

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