Fashion Focus: A selection of key pieces.

We chose 10 piece's that will swathe you in the trends of our crisp autumn days and icy winter nights. Each one perfect to build a capsule wardrobe: Hoarders Beware!

1.The Flying Jacket.
www.superlooks.com, £18

2. The Minimalist Dress.
www.boohoo.com, £18
3. Scarlet fever.
www.boohoo.com, £21

4. Gothic Romance.
www.newlook.com, £18

5. The Grunge Knit Cardigan.
www.newlook.com, £24.99

6. The Tweed Jacket.
www,johnlewis.com, £79

7. The Opulent Body.
www.rare.co.uk, £105

8. The Black Leather Trousers.
www.matalan.co.uk, £18

9. The Tailored Camel Dress.
www.next.co.uk, £40

10. The Long Maxi.
www.boohoo.com, £20


Designer VS High-Street: The Chanel Watch

With it's candylicious look, The Chanel watch add's a bold statement and glamour to any outfit. But, unfortunately, most of us can't afford to spend £2592. Yikes! So we hand picked some cheaper versions that wont break the bank or credit card.
Chanel: £2592

www.boohoo.com: £15
www.argos.co.uk: £9.99


http://direct.tesco.com: £19.89



Vamp it up: Red Lips

We've all seen it, the immaculate mouths of the runway parading down into our fashion notes. But, hold on, mere mortals can get this look too!

For Super Shine...
- Before applying the colour, always use a good lip balm to prepare your lips. (1.Lavera Basis Lip Balm, £1.99
To begin, use lip liner define your lip's, adding slight emphasis on the cupid bow, before colouring your lip's in completely. (2.L'Oreal Infaillible Lip Liner, £1.50 in fuchsia) Then, get a super shine gloss, in a lighter red to the lip liner. (3.NYX Fruit Lip Gloss, £1.99 in cherry) Again filling in your lips. Or if you want a less intense shine, only fill in the inner part of your lips.
For a Darker Colour (Matte)...
- Again with lip liner, define the lips, slightly emphasizing the cupid bow. Do not fill in. (4.Cover Girl Smoothers LipLiner, £0.99 in ruby) Then, use lipstick to fill your lips, smudging it in after. (5.Max Factor Colour Perfection Lipstick, £3.99 in fig)




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