The Celebrity Current Climate

Boho Rhapsody  Gaga
- a Bacon Butty For Christmas.
- It sunglasses (Minnie Mouse, retro and nerd).
- A leather Pencil Skirt.

BuyBuy, GaGa, JaJa, RaRa
www.clothingattesco.com, £18

Do Da Dita!
- A "Cup of Tea" Dress (or Tea Dress)
- Burlesque Red Lipstick.
- Flower Power Brooches.

Dancing Dirty Like Dita
www.boohoo.com, £20

CopyCat Katy!
- Big Wigs in Candy Floss Colours.
- Sailor Shoes.
- Ringing Ringlet Hair.

Perry Me Merry with Sherry
www.costumemarket.co.uk, £16.75

Play it P!nk!
- Bling Bling knuckle Dusters.
- "Ahoy Matey" Skull Scarf.
- Harem Jeans with slouch.

Pink to Make the Boys Wink.
 www.scarfworld.com, £1.99

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