Blake Lively: Fashion's Golden Girl

We fell in love with Blake in the fall of 2007, as her alter ego Serena Van Der Woodsen, a rebel everyone inspired to be. Since then things have heated up dramatically for Blake, whisking her into Stardom and the eye of the paps lenses. We can't deny that her angelic bone structure, flamboyance of golden curls and endless legs had us hooked from the minute we saw her; and she's quite the lucky gal with her voluptuous sense of style. But her good fortune didn't end there, we also happen to have noticed her hottie of a boyfriend, Penn  Badgley, whom we would grab the chance at even looking at in the flesh. So, she's got it all and we can't help but feel a tiny bit envious.
Hey Blake! You've got a rather gorgeous Boyfriend, what's your idea of a Romantic night Out?
Blake: New York is so romantic. Rather than planning a night I just get lost in the city. The city romances me as much as a man.
Why don't you like talking about your boyfriend? We would!
Blake: If I were doing another job- like if I were a CEO or something- I wouldn't broadcast my relationship on the table, right? You separate the two. You've got to treat this like any other job- or you might go a little bit crazy!
Does media attention bother you?
B: It is rather unfortunate to be a victim of it, but the tabloid helps keep the show on everyone's lips. I find photoshoots quite hard because it's just you, and I feel like someones stripped me to the core. That's always difficult for someone like me who shy by nature.
There must be a good side! When were you last starstruck?
B: Penn and I were sitting at a table recently with Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley from Vogue. We were inches away from Donatella Versace and Jennifer Lopez. It was so surreal- a pinh myself moment.
But your a fashion legend too! How would you describe your style?
B: I don't really know! I love layering things. Autumn is always my favourite time of the year to get dressed. Ever since Topshop came to New York- it changed my life!
What Autumn trends are you excited about?
B: I really like the new craze for darker, studded and slashed things. I like things that are feminine but have an edge. Luella was my all time favourite.
Have you been able to keep any of Serena's outfits?
B: I'm guilty of going for a fitting for Serena and then going and buying the exact same outfit. It a problem for my bank account...
As you are Blake Lively. []

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