Reign of Couture: The Key Pieces

Stand above the fall, with a dress that skims your thighs like knife. Patent Mary Jane's, glitter balls and pussy bows. It's the 60's renaissance, so go Quant, go Drama and go bold. Take it one step further, adding pearls, sequins and intricate embellishing. Afterall, we are talking about couture here...

On the Runway
The Catwalk hosted a selection of 60's inspired pieces, Dolce and Gabanna boasting the key features from the decade.

www.missselfridge.com, £80
The High Street
www.topshop.com, £40

Stylist Tips:
- 60's is similar to minimalism. keep it less on the layers with simple jewelry.
- With the icy weather coming in, wear a 60's dress with a lovely pair of spotty, woollen tights. Easy.
- Take a leaf from Quant designs. She has many hidden gem's that other's may of forgotten.


S/S/11 Preview

S/S/11 is far from us, but surely...we can't HELP a naughty peek at what's in store....

Eclectic Chic
Proenza Schouler's reconstructed take on uptown chic went one step cooler.

Bold Colour
Nothing says summer better than a sunny yellow.

Printed Matter
The super trend that go's on.

Pajama Dressing
Make it all about the slouch.

Minimal White
filter 60's futuristic with springs take on minimalism.

Sun hats and jumpsuits. You name it.

What were we just talking about? (SHH)

Make It Turquoise...Please!

A new study has found that besides red, turquoise is one of THE most sexiest colours yet. Well, for me that's sounds a delight as red doesn't (unfortunately) look good on everyone. So now, redheads can weave the look of seductress with a colour that both compliments their hair and womanhood. Fabulous!

So we decided to pick a few wonder workers off à la high-street...

www.topshop.com, £6
www.boohoo.com, £8


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