Sub Trends A/W/10

A few hand picked sub trends to take you through the new year.

Tip for the Cape:
- Go for a minimalist cape; and then when you take it off to reveal an opulence inspired outfit underneath it's bound to shock your onlookers.

Cut Out Pieces
Tip for a Cut Out Piece:
- Go for a cut out piece that's the negative colour of your skin tone to give it a noticeable allure.

Tip for Camel:
- choose one item in camel, then the other piece's in subtle gold's, chocolate browns and deep maroons. Make-up Included.

Sheer Materials
Tip for sheer materials:
-Embroidery and embellishment on sheer materials will make a piece look exquisite and unique.


2010 Make-up

This fall is based upon four dynamic looks that will take you throughout A/W/10.

Two Tone Eyes
Two tone eyes add a splash of colour and soften your features dramatically. This 80's inspired make-up will brighten up bitter winter nights.
Tip for two tone eyes:
- A darker colour on your top eyelid and a lighter colour on the bottom will give a wide eyed effect.

The Wow Brow
Definition of the eyebrow and eyes with the wow brow makes a sensuous winter trend and add's steamy glamour to any look. 
Tip for Wow Brow:
Opt for warm colours such as coconut and rich copper.

The 'Hot' Lip
The Hot lip, also known by the Dark Lip, is a timelessly retro look inspired from the glamorous red carpet. Burgundy's, violet's and luscious dark pinks are the favoured colour's for this look and have made a bold impact on the catwalk.
Tip for the Hot Lip:
- Accentuating one feature of your face is important if you don't want to look overdone. So keep the rest of your face to a minimal amount of make-up.

The Graphic Eye
The graphic eye is all about futuristic clean cut alignments around the eye using eye-liner. This look works well with the shearling and psychedelic trends, but avoid teaming it with a gothic look as it will wash out your appearance.
Tip for The Graphic Eye:
- Use dark, monochrome tones for the ultimate effect.


Style Icon: Florence Welch

Inspirational brainiac of the art's, Florence Welch manage's to enrapture us with her blend of indie's music and flaming red hair. Not just a pretty face, Florence Welch has a distinctive look, rocking glamorous vintage and urban tee's with ease.  When we asked her about her look, she said "it go's with the music,  each one [music and fashion] is as important as the other and makes who I am". No surprise there, considering every outfit we see her wearing has our jaw's dropping and keeping us in awe of such a talented red-head in both categories.

Not to mention,we find that instead of taking our attention from Florence's striking music, that her style enhance's it, as if it's displaying out her personality on a piece of paper. Likewise, she isn't a staggering size zero, which comes as a plus point in our books.

Florence and The Machine's new album 'Lungs' is now on sale in HMV.


A Quick Note from the Author...

With the new season bringing us a captivating selection of new trends, the key term of the blistering A/W/10 fall is timeless fashion. Runways have inspired from the psychedelic 70's, dipped into the futuristic 60's and lavished in the elegance of minimalism. The colour of the season is scarlet, bringing a new profound sexy to gothic A lines and sheer crimson materials. Designers have taken a new approach to the season, making the utter-most key piece of the fall the notorious Aviator Jacket, Burberry Prorsum leading the way with a variety of khaki and shearling version's.

So everyone out there, be prepared: Bitter winter nights and crisp, amber leaves will soon be painting the days with the new fall. A new season, a new trend, a new look. Wear every item to the full!

Finalising my welcome, I suggest that while each different trend is unique in a specific way, there is always one that is hand picked amongst the high-street as the favoured design. So instead of choosing the most obvious trend of A/W/10, don't follow the crowd, interpret them from your point of view.


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