Wow! Lily Cole shows the world her edgy side

Lily Cole is practically known for her effortless ease of portraying innocence. Right? Well, we think it's changed with her red head locks now a deep, mahogany brown. Yes, that's right, she's ditched the innocence for something much more...sexy.
 After (left) and Before (right)


The Urban Slouch: S/S/11

Power dressing is over. Knife like shoulder pads are being slaughtered in our new years resolution like a pig to the butcher. Well, maybe not so disturbingly graphic, but it's doesn't stop the resolution ending.  We are forgetting our 19th century heritage and going for the languish drape pouring from our bodies. Clothes that hang.

Buy me some Pyjama's. Fashionable ones.
www.dorothyperkins.com, £28
www.topshop.com, £75
www.boohoo.com, £20
www.missselfridge.com, £35



A selection of Designs that keep us awake at night. 
Make sure you Don't Falllllll. Poise, darling, poise.
I would like a lantern dress for christmas.
Some Futuristic Chic will do us good.
That light put us on a wobble.
Oh yes, we are definitely taking inspiration from comic book hero's. Spiderwoman, batwoman, alice in wonderland and mickey mousey.
Shoes are what we dream of.
Gaga had to be somewhere on this list.


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