OMG? An Outfit for £25

It's time to Party so we've got an outfit just for you...
Scarlet Ball
www.boohoo.com, £8
www.pricelessshoes.co.uk, £8
www.topshop.com, £7

Total: £23.00

Kaskade feat. Martina of Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes

We Have a Certain Lustful thinking for the creativity and sexy appeal of this vid. Gorge.

Hot! Trend: Matching lips and Nails

The celeb inspired beauty trend all women (and men!) should follow. Kate Hudson works the look (left.)

Elysambre Nail Polish Dark Pink, www.auravita.com, £9.14

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick, www.argos.co.uk, £4.99

New Page: Inspire: Fashion Files: Chloé

Chloe Fall 2010
Inspire is the IT Page. Designer Buys, high-street equivalents and a bit of DIY on the side. Tres Chic.

Hannah MacGibbon's collection for Chloe has made it a one stop brand of timeless buys. Each piece can be worn day and night, work and play, and their all just as delicious. Their a mix of both seasons, which would smugly fit into summer and winter wardrobes. Chloe Fall '10 is the investment list, and an essential if you are taking your clothes capsule.

When we think Chloe we think of Neutrals, sheer white. sandstorm browns and Naval Blues. But, how do you call a burnt Orange belt neutral? Hannah manages to capture the art of accessorising a basic colour palette with a streak bold colours.

Hannah MacGibbon is the genius who has revived the Paris based fashion house.

Where To Shop
If your looking for a high-street shop that has taken inspiration from Chloe A/W/10, then look no further. In fact, we have two shops that are bang on trend. Zara and Mango are both worldwide brands, and are both on our hot list. Below we build a look similar to the one above (left)...
Shirt, www.zara.com, £29.99
Trousers, shop.mango.com, £54.90

www.zara.com, £16.99

Stylist Tip's:- Leave the shirt untucked, wearing the belt around the waist.
-If you prefer a more geek chic look, tuck the shirt in (also for formal occasions), and you get the bonus of it being similar to other runway looks from Chloe.
Designer Shop
If you have a lot of money to blow, why not by the authentic version. We are talking of essentials, here.
www.net-a-porter.con, £1,340

As before, £630

Stylist Tip's:
- Layer on a sumptuous faux fur coat with a orange belt for eveningwear.
- Take this outfit from minimalist to bare opulence. A Heavy gold necklace, striking bronze thread jacket and a hair piece fit for a queen.

Clashing Heat With Flames: A Lethal Combination.

Make your look deadly by clashing Summer Trends with winter key pieces.


We talk of New Trends Like it Wasn't Around 70 years Ago

NEWSFLASH! Hot new looks, straight off the runway, the 50's shift, A-lines and a dose of 60's slutty chic! New? NEW? We're calling this new. Well, it could be new in terms of next generation new, or new designer. But how, may I ask, do such Fashion Houses as Prada claim a prize for a dress that has had it's neckline slightly tweaked from the old design. Were not new, we're practically golden oldies with some of the stuff you get on the NEW Catwalk. And the biggest scam of them all would have to be the Utility Jacket (diamond quilt). We are getting quite lame, stealing a 1940's farmer's dress sense. What HAVE we got this coming summer, a bustle in the backside, perhaps?

The Celebrity Current Climate

Boho Rhapsody  Gaga
- a Bacon Butty For Christmas.
- It sunglasses (Minnie Mouse, retro and nerd).
- A leather Pencil Skirt.

BuyBuy, GaGa, JaJa, RaRa
www.clothingattesco.com, £18

Do Da Dita!
- A "Cup of Tea" Dress (or Tea Dress)
- Burlesque Red Lipstick.
- Flower Power Brooches.

Dancing Dirty Like Dita
www.boohoo.com, £20

CopyCat Katy!
- Big Wigs in Candy Floss Colours.
- Sailor Shoes.
- Ringing Ringlet Hair.

Perry Me Merry with Sherry
www.costumemarket.co.uk, £16.75

Play it P!nk!
- Bling Bling knuckle Dusters.
- "Ahoy Matey" Skull Scarf.
- Harem Jeans with slouch.

Pink to Make the Boys Wink.
 www.scarfworld.com, £1.99

DIY Love: Shoes

Forget going vintage, we like to fake it while being tree-huggers.

Lacy Menace: It's so easy to make a pair of shoes laced, you could probably do it with your eyes closed (though may turn out wonky). Buy a pack of eyelets, available at most textile retailers. Then evenly space out the eyelets across the edge of the shoe (instructions are usually included) on both sides, using equal amounts. Then take any pair of laces, ribbon, maybe even elastic (left). The shoe has to be open top (basically not boots) for it to work. Ask for the small size eyelets when purchasing, or go for big if you want a unique take.

Stamp stamp stamp: We all know those things that go on envelopes when were sending off bills of cards, right? Well, why not stamp them all over your shoes (not the stick on ones). Choose anything, ink stamps in the shape of flowers, URGENT stamps, or a stamp from a nightclub. Sure to be statement whatever you're doing.

Cut Me up: Plastic or rubber shoes are perfect for sinking a knife into....sanely, of course. Why not try making interesting shapes into your shoes?

Paint the Town: Quite literally paint the town red with your shoes. paint them all over, or use a mosaic to do your dirty work. Differentiate the colours (with the mosaic) to make them boho chic.


Glitterati has Landed

We were trending it in the summer, but it's been revamped since then, with a much more edgy colour palette...
We've breached winter now and the party season is here (when is it not party time?), so get out of the floral smocks and into something flowing and metallic. Almost like liquid metal.
www.topshop.com, £50
www.tkmaxx.com, £15.99
www.frenchconnection.com, £150
www.rarefashion.co.uk, £30
www.boohoo.com, £6

Razzle Red Dazzle

A recent study at Manchester Uni found out that Red Lips hold a  males gaze....longgger than nude lips.

"Our research suggests that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still inextricably linked, with red lipstick the most powerful attractor, and one that significantly increases visual fixation," Dr. Geoff Beattie, the study's lead scientist, told the UK's Daily Mail. "The practice dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians, who used red lipstick and rouge to enhance their attractiveness."

According to the study, which involved tracking the eye movements of 50 men as they were presented with images of different women, in the ten seconds after meeting a woman for the first time the average man will spend more than half that time looking at her mouth. If she's wearing lipstick, he'll find it difficult to look away: Men gazed at women's lips for an average of 7 seconds while spending just 0.95 seconds looking at their eyes and 0.85 seconds noticing their hair. And the brighter the lipstick shade the better: Pink hues kept men fixated for 6.7 seconds while fire engine red shades held their interest for 7.3 seconds. 
The study also reveals that lip size is largely insignificant when it comes to perceived attractiveness -- despite whether women have thin lips or possess Angelina Jolie's bee-stung pout, if they wear a bright shade of lipstick they automatically secure much greater levels of attention than those who do not.
Fall 2010 saw the return of the crimson lip, as seen on the runway for the Proenza Shouler, Givenchy and Chanel shows. At Proenza Shouler and Givenchy, models' faces were rendered pale and matte so that the main focus was on the lip, which was strongly defined and colored in strong statement shades like dark wine and blood red.

Battle of Red Blood. Buy me, Screams the Lipstick.
Wet n Wild Silk Finish, www.cheapsmells.com, £1.95

Rimmel London Exaggerate Lipstick, www.fragrancedirect.co.uk, £0.75

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the Feathered one of Them all?

Make it delicate or fierce, by adding a touch of feathered clothing. Accesssories Included.
www.riverisland.com, £120
www.topshop.com, £75
www.joythestore.com, £9
www.frenchconnection.com, £120
www.boohoo.com, £6


5 Dresses for £50

The Lovely person who emailed us with a challenge got our attention. Because we do love a challenge;)

1.www.boohoo.com, £10
2. www.awear.com, £10
3. www.axparis.co.uk, £10
4. www.dorothyperkins.com, £10
5. www.boohoo.com, £10
Total= £50


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