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S/S/11: Make-up preview

Take a few tips from this make-up master-class.

DIY Love: Sheer Skirt

Make it mystic, look something suave, and go for a dare. Sheer skirts are anything but slutty if their maxi's. Plus, wear it under a dress or short skirt, for a sheer slip effect.

At your local textiles retailer buy some sheer material and elastic (bearing in mind lace doesn't need hemming at the bottom), cutting a piece approx 3 yards. Then measure your waist, and cut the two skirt pieces half the size (of your waist), adding at least 1 inch lease. You'll need to make the skirt an A-line, which is easiest to cut if you cut on the fold. 

Sew the 2 parts together on one side, and then fold over the top/waist once, before pinning in place and sewing (similar to a drawstring or curtain). Then push the elastic through the drawstring waist making it just a little bit shorter, so that you can sew the other side of the skirt up. Sew the other side of the skirt up and hem the bottom, leaving you with a sheer skirt for putting underneath or over clothing.

DIY Love: Fur Boots

Yeti boots have us a little bit lustful, so get the look for a high-street budget...

Take a pair of just below the knee socks in black, and cut the end off at the ankles, so your left with the funnelled part. You can also have other colour socks, depending on what fur colour you choose (eg white socks, white fur). You'll find faux fur at any good textiles retailer, and you should buy about half a metre of fur.

Take the socks and determine how much you want the fur to cover of them (eg all the way down, fur trim). Cut a piece that will fit round the sock and at your chosen length, getting rid of any loose fur from the piece after cutting. If your cutting is wonky, then quickly run the faux fur piece through a hemmer or fold it inwards (hiding the raw edge and straightening the edge) and sew.

Next, straighten the sock so it lies flat and on the seam, before glueing the inside edge of the fur piece. wrap the fur piece around the sock at the top,and hold in position for five minutes. make sure none of the glue seeps through both layers of the sock and sticks them together, otherwise you wont be able to get in it!

And there you have it fur anklets ready to wear over a pair of boots.


DIY LOVE: Headdresses and Hair-Pieces

Forget the completely boring world of hair bands and hair-pieces. We're going nature, natural and native. Indians keep hold of your horses, the cowboys are coming to town...

You'll need a headband that's either elasticated (flapper style) or a normal headband. It need's to be good for tying things onto it and into it. Peacock's gem headband is perfecto, so I'll give you a DIY tutorial with it in mind.

Ribbon: Tie it in neat bows or stream it down your hair, ribbons are a great thing for making a look eccentric. Make sure you use a figure of eight as the tying method so it stays attached. You could even take thick pieces of ribbon and sew mini sequins along it.

Feathers: If you want the feathers to point upwards, choose short ones, but for feathers that lie flat down your hair, choose long and lustrous versions. Take a needle with thread, and sew into the calamus (or stem) from top to bottom, making sure you pass through it at least 5x. Then start to sew round the headband, making sure you keep it tight. Or, if you prefer, don't sew in tightly round so that the feathers pour down your head even further.

Mesh and Lace:
Cut a piece of mesh that is oval (to fit your face), in any colour or style. You can get ones with miniature flowers attached, beaded versions and scalloped edge versions. You can usually find them in a good material shop. Then, turn the headband over and add a line of super- glue across the whole of the inside (make it thick). Make sure you cut the mesh/ lace appropriate to the curve of the headband. Or, if you have one that goes round your head (hippy band), then glue onto the inside part of the band that will sit frontwards. Then stick the lace to the glue, making sure no raw edge goes over the back. Hold it in place for at least five minutes before releasing your hand to reveal a veiled headband. Make sure you wear gloves when handling super-glue.


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