Confessions of a Stylist

Being a stylist really isn't that different from a shopaholic. Well. maybe it is... but we both have the same principles in life. The thing that's the same with a stylist and shopaholic is a craving for a pair of Nude Louboutin's and a Burberry Flying Jacket. But the big difference is, a stylist gets to manhandle and creates an outfit with these delicious candies. Which makes the craving all the more worse, seeing it sparkle on a drop dead  gorgeous model. Stylist's don't get chased out of shops and credit cards declined like shopaholics, either.

But we have the harder job, even if you don't believe it. We have to come to our senses, hide our animalistic nature behind a pair of sunglasses (D&G, of course). And I'm just a photoshoot stylist! What about runway stylists, how do they COPE? God, I'm glad I don't have the privilege...

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