We lust, we Crave, but do we receive?

Every woman (and man) wish the day they wear the right outfit at the right time. That day is the day we just KNOW that whoever we bump into approves, and forgets the coffee stain (if for a second). Only rarities such as our English Rose VB seem to pull it off. But it isn't exactly a big secret as to how they do it...it's about being prepared.

I've had days where I went out in my pyjama's, which I thought I could pretend were my joggers and that I was a healthy person. Which to be honest, I will never be. But I'm shoddy compared with the Likes of Chezzer, and Posh who are always ready, and go out in dresses we would wear to our weddings. They don't settle for the bed hair, or the bosh make-up or the pj's. Why, I bet Cheryl still had her platforms on in her Sick bed when she was fighting Malaria. I can imagine her now, kicking away like some kind of germ buster.

But, not all of us can afford Balmain or Prada, so we settle for the high-street. And you may sigh, or bawl, or WAIL! But we've always got our Credit Cards at the ready.....;)

And darling's, if we learn the trade of being glamourfied every day of our lives, we WILL have that day. I hope I'm not 80 by the time it comes, though.....!

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