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Arm yourself with a handful of tassels, brooches and feathers...

Hooks: You can find them online or if you prefer, go to your local DIY shop and ask about earring hooks (and where to find them). Jewelry DIY have a range of different packs in golds, bronzes and misty silvers. Mix and match on beads, tassels and feathers of your choice. Another idea is Ribbon. string it through the eyelet and ties in bows, knots and all sorts. You can tie more than one ribbon per earring too.

Hoops: Hoop's have to be the best for diversity. you can practically string anything onto them, including small bracelets! Again Jewelry DIY have a great selection of different sizes and shapes. Pearls, rhinestone, Porcelain and glass, you name it and you can hoop it..:)

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