Eau Du Toilette: From Day to Night

Everyone had there favoured scent, whether it's a floral, fruity or a woodland note. But what to choose for each occasion?...Look no further.
Work Fragrance
Keep it light and a unisex smell, choosing a fragrance that is not too strong or overpowering.

Tommy Girl By Tommy Hilfiger, £24.90, www.cheapsmells.com

Party Fragrance
Smell's with a woody, oriental tone are enticing for eveningwear.

Lancome Hypnose Eau Du Parfum, £39.15, www.echemist.co.uk

Adventure Fragrance
Unique and individual scent's combine well with an extreme adventure.

Paul Smith Extreme For Women, £12.29, www.cheap-perfume.co.uk

Day Fragrance
Fruity and Floral, or whatever mood your in. It's 'me' time afterall....;)

Lola by Marc Jacobs, £27, www.mobilefragrance.co.uk

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