Feature Special: After Dark Tailoring

Their lipstick a perfect crimson pout, the startlingly razor shoulder's pad's like thorn's nestled into their skin. A sly and sheer top drapes underneath, contrasting against the bony tailored jacket that sit's dangerously on her shoulders. Want to look elegant? Want to look edgy? We're on the knife point...

The Runway
Donna Karan kept the audience breathless with her striking, night-time looks.

The Colour Palette
Red Gold Black White Grey Navy

The Texture List
Velvet Lace Chiffon Leather Silk

The Draft
Think sharp. Artful slashes, pointed suit tails, wet look leggings and edgy platforms. It's all about keeping the look contemporary, seductive and mysterious. Contrast the spiked edges with an ill fitting dress, that hangs instead of being firm across your shoulders. Make it revealing: lace, chiffon and sheer materials in all the right places.

www.theoutnet.com, £18
www.boohoo.com, £20
The Buy Guide

www.topshop.com, £65
www.boohoo.com, £20

www.boohoo.com, £3
www.topshop.com, £35

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