We Went to the Theatre

Don't be an amateur when it comes to making a look dramatic. Take a leaf from the curling velvet curtains of the movies, and lavish in it's riches of culture. Vintage Style.

Something that hasn't really come back around, in recent memory, is the skirt suit as eveningwear. I think this comes down to a desire to put as much individuality and creativity in our outfits as possible. To don a simple dress or a matching suit doesn't display the same kind of flair as to don an assortment of mis-matching pieces and manage to bring them together in a stylish and unique way. Part the influence of the street style phenomenon, and driven by the internet in general, the desire to pick-and-mix our outfits - high end mixed with low end, vintage mixed with new, casual mixed with formal - is a relatively new and certainly an ongoing one. Does that preclude the skirt suit from making a comeback? Not really - what goes around, comes around, after all.

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