H&M with yet ANOTHER designer, Tom Ford?

Rumour has it that Tom Ford will soon be joining forces with high-street brand, H&M, to make a new collection. But, come on, Tom Ford? We think not, and here's why:

Tom Ford does things differently. This is the man who launched his upcoming 'Tom For women's collection' and then banned the press precisely so you couldn't see it. Why? He knows luxury, he knows its exclusive, and he knows luxury is limited.

A collaboration would be anything but.
There's one other piece about this 'news', which first appeared in something called French Tribune, that drives home the fact that this is never going to happen: they state that the Tom Ford for H&M collection will be cheaper versions of his upcoming women's line. Not a chance. Who is going to spend up to $40,000 on a dress that everyone else has picked up for $200 at H&M. No one.
So there you have it, French Tribune's 'news' that the designer collaboration at H&M to follow Lanvin will be Tom Ford is simply a work of fiction. Perhaps fantasy, but fiction none the less.
Indulge your eyes in the real quality pieces of Tom Ford's women's line (left and right). Before that, however, is what French Tribune 
had to say
 probably made up: Just days after there was news that Lanvin is going to hit the H&M collection, there is also news that another French-themed install is going to come out through the retail chain. This is going to a limited-edition collection from Tom Ford. It is the same edition that appeared in the December-January issue of French Vogue.

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