Olivia Palermo LookBook

Her ferocity has earned her a high reputation, with a line up of model work in such places as Hogan. This Diva outdoes Whitney Port with ease.

Boudoirs and Boutique Chic 
www.missselfridge.com, £40
www.boohoo.com, £20

www.topshop.com, £32
www.missselfridge.com, £50
www.topshop.com, £60
www.warehouse.co.uk, £85
www.warehouse.co.uk, £45

The Interview
Well Hey Olivia, what have you been up to recently?
O: Trawling the internet [laughs]. I'm loving that new shop by google, Boutiques. Just a fair warning- this site is totally addictive! I could spend all day picking out pieces for my wish list.
Uhmm, we've checked it out already;)
O: Oh cool! Be sure to check me out haha! 
So, how is The City?O: I guess it's going quite good. Though sometimes I think "ahh! I'm a much nicer person than that!". They seem to pick out scenes where I'm grumpy or tired [laughs].
Ahh, we could tell your lovely really:).
O: I hope so!
So, what was it like modelling for Mango alongside, if we do say, your hottie of a boyfriend?!O: I loved it! I kept some of the dresses for myself, as their just divine. Modelling next to Johannes was just electric, I bet you can see the chemistry!
What dress did you like the best? (Keep note, girls)O: Hard choice! I'd have to say...the wine coloured tie neck dress.
Lovely to meet you Olivia, hope you keep well!O:You too!

Olivia Palermo A/W/10 Mango campaign is out now.

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