DIY Love: Tee

Make your tee shirt a one-off with our handy tips:)

Rips: Make it shabby, gothic and utterly outrageous by adding artful slashes in your tee. Take a piece of chalk and pinpoint where the tee go's over your chest. Then, taking a knife or scissors, rip's the tee upwards, sideways, horizontally, making sure the rips are quite long to avoid the tee looking like it's been chomped on by the dog. Avoid the chest if you want a less revealing look.

Sequins: Sequins are easy to sew on and can be used with slashes to create a textured effect. Determine where you want the attention to be brought to on your tee (i.e. sleeves) and start to sew them on in clusters round that area. Any colour can be used.

Netting/ Lace: for a much more unique and individual look, go for netting or lace. sew it on the inside of the tee( so turn in inside out), unless you want the netting to have the raw edge on show, do it on the outside. Try to keep the stitch neat if it isn't the same colour as the netting or lace.

Tie Dye: One of the easiest of all, tie dye can make a tee shirt look boho and chic. Choose a few colours (bearing in mind choosing the primary colours means you can make other colours too by mixing) and put it a bowl with some water. Let the tee soak in it for at least 10 minutes before taking it out. You can also use tea-bags and wine to give it a rugged, vintage effect. Ask in your paint shop about dye.

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