Only for Grown Ups! Sorry

It is fact that minimalism cannot be work by teens. On that note, neither can the Camel coat, it just look's ridiculous. They get swamped in it, and walk around like huge pillar's failing to impress. It's about grown up femininity and embracing your pre-youth. Teen's just don't seem to get it or the concept of grown-up glamour.

So, on that note, here's our guide to keeping minimalism temporary for  the 30+ Category...

Try the 70's. Rework the infamously gigantic boot-cut into a pair of Beige trousers with a thin, brown belt. Then, for your top half, try accents of lustrous gold, white and black. It's about keeping the colour palette neutral and chic.
A crisp white shirt should be your staple piece when you hit 40. It should then be nicely off-set by golden and camel hues in your jewellery. Try a black midi-skirt (high waisted option) and a camel coat that is short with an A-line.
In your 50's minimalism can be taken what some might consider over-board. Try a relaxed Chanel line swing coat (in camel, of course) with a simple LBD. Take advantage of the 50's, with nipped in waist's and flamboyant skirts.

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