A Revolution too Early?

It fast became the staple for A/W/10 and Burberry Prorsum sold out in Febuary, yet no-ones wearing it? Why the Aviator came too early in the game...

Think back to Febuary, the weather was frightful and we were still wrapped up in our woolly fleece's. It was the advert that started it. A simple, clean-cut statement that loomed on our tv screens and billboards that said Burberry was remaking the classic Aviator Jacket. Within a week fashionista's were on red alert, scouring the internet like pack animals, bloodthirsty to be the trendsetter of the next season.

But Burberry hadn't thought of the consequences. Yes, it had sold out within week's and yes, it had fashionista's everywhere excited. But when it came to that time of year again to find your winter coat, people were bored with it. They'd already worn it, ripped the armhole and binned before it's time had come. The Aviator Jacket came too early, and is now paying the price. Burberry now has a stock of them in storage, failing to sell. A disastrous flop. The scent is stale, and people want more, it's a constant need to renew our look, bin the old and find the new. So now, Stella's (McCartney) Minimalist Jacket is top of our list. And wheres the aviator? I'm afraid it can't fit in our wardrobes, their already full.

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