DIY Love: Sheer Skirt

Make it mystic, look something suave, and go for a dare. Sheer skirts are anything but slutty if their maxi's. Plus, wear it under a dress or short skirt, for a sheer slip effect.

At your local textiles retailer buy some sheer material and elastic (bearing in mind lace doesn't need hemming at the bottom), cutting a piece approx 3 yards. Then measure your waist, and cut the two skirt pieces half the size (of your waist), adding at least 1 inch lease. You'll need to make the skirt an A-line, which is easiest to cut if you cut on the fold. 

Sew the 2 parts together on one side, and then fold over the top/waist once, before pinning in place and sewing (similar to a drawstring or curtain). Then push the elastic through the drawstring waist making it just a little bit shorter, so that you can sew the other side of the skirt up. Sew the other side of the skirt up and hem the bottom, leaving you with a sheer skirt for putting underneath or over clothing.

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