Primark Gets HOT!

We've all been there, it's a well known fact if we ever go in Primark we tend to get a bit...trapped? But who cares, with their new collection and the uber cool prices (yey) we will risk being suffocated along with 1000 other people in a square metre.

Left: Faux fur trapper, £5; Floral mix and max tunic, £10; Faux fur belted gillet, £17; Ribbed over the knee socks, £1.50; Knee-high zip boot, £18, Primark A/W 2010 Collection.

Right: Gamine pleat tunic, £15; Black tights, £3; Lace and leather driving gloves, £7; Imi stiletto, £10, Primark A/W/10 

Right: Parka jacket, £21; Military dress, £13; Woven metal buckle belt, £3; Punch out hiking boots, £20; Ribbed over the knee socks, £1.50, Primark A/W 2010 Collection
Right: Navy military cape, £25; Wet look legging, £7; Chunky cable arm warmers, £3; Grey over the knee socks, £2; Black lace ankle boots, £15, Primark A/W 2010 Collection 

 Snowflake jacket, £17; Jacquard roll neck, £17; Chunky knit snood, £4; Chunky knit arm warmers, £3; Jeans, £8; Faux shearing bag, £6 due; Ribbed over the knee socks, £1.50; Punch out hiking boots, £20, Primark A/W 2010 Collection 

Left: Rib hem aviator, £23 due; Tape crop jumper, £9; Twill combat skinny jeans, £12, Primark A/W 2010 Collection

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