The Trends A/W/10

Tips for Minimalism:
- Avoid heavy jewellery pieces, go for small yet simple designs.
- Add a thin belt around the waist to define the silhouette.
- Go for tailored piece's to tie two of the top trends together.(Minimalism and boyish tailoring)

Tip's for Shearling:
-Shearling Aviator Jacket's add a statement to any outfit.
- For an eccentric twist choose a coat that has a beige/cream outer shell and a darker lining inside.
-Contract nubbly, shearling coats with a high texture such as chiffon, lace and silk.

Tip's for Opulence:
- Pile on multiple piece's for maximum effect.
- go for bare faced make-up and provocative loose (undone) hair.
- Rich gold and bronzes are the workable colours of Opulence.

Tip's for Gothic:
- Bare skin and an obtrusive colour add an air of sexy.
- Deep purple or Crimson lips add effect to this dark and mysterious look.
- Add drama by picking piece's with artful slash's in the design.

Boyish Tailoring
Tip's for Boyish Tailoring:
- Turning in lapel's add's a relaxed vibe.
- Savile Row cut's make a triumphant return, so use them wisely.
- A patent clutch is a key accessory.

Grunge Knits
Tip's for Grunge Knit's:
- Team a chunky weave knit with a pair of faux-fur boots.
- Cable sweaters are an easy, comfortable item to wear whilst staying on trend.
- A youthful wrap will add texture to an outfit.

Plaid and Tweed's
Tip's for Plaid and Tweeds:
- A tweed beret makes an outfit workable T2T.
- Traditional fabrics are essential.
- A monochrome mini-skirt in plaid or tweed will be nicely offset by a crisp, white shirt.

Tip's for Land-girl:
- Think Wartime, rural idyll for inspiration.
- Mini trend: Military Coat.
- Buckle's, especially on boot's, will give a Land-girl effect.

Tip's for Scarlet:
- Go for smouldering, dark eye make-up to balance the bold, red items.
- Use it head to toe for ultimate impact.
- Contrast different materials such as lace and fur.

Black Leather
Tip's for Black Leather:
- Think feminine when choosing a piece in Black leather.
- Take the edge of with some texture such as a faux fur jacket.
- Printed leather can add an eccentric twist.

Long and Lean
Tip's for long and lean:
- The longer the item the better!
- A slouchy sweatshirt with a sumptuous silk skirt is highly chic.
- Team wedges with an evening maxi.

Tip's for Psychedelic:
- Bold prints clashed together add a bohemian traveller effect.
- Try to focus one one colour scheme.
- Contrast different shapes.

Hot! Mini Trend.

Leopard Print
It tarnished the runway and made it's appearance in many celebrities wardrobes, this small mini trend is taking us by a storm. The interesting thing about it is that though seemingly popular, leopard print's were rare on A/W/10 runway's, but even so watch out for new take on this print!

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