Exclusive Interview: Style Gourmand

Tandi, 30, from NYC works on www.stylegourmand.blogspot.com, and is here to talk fashion. We gmailed her on the upcoming year...

1.So name one item you want for the new year?

Anything from the Phillip Lim's children's collection in an adult size.

2.Describe your look in one word? (or three!) 

Vintage-inspired minimalism.

3.What catwalk show will you/ would you want to visit next year?

I have always wanted to attend a Christian Dior Haute Couture show. Galliano is not only a master at creating beautifully ornate gowns, but his Dior shows are also such over-the-top theatrical events, that I would really love to see one in person. 

4.Who is your style icon?

Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour.

5.Which trend should we look out for this upcoming spring/ summer?

Prints have been popular for the past few seasons and this Spring, I think that mixing and matching bright ethnic prints, like Ikats and African patterns, will be a strong trend. Brands such as Suno and Boxing Kitten use beautiful color prints that are unique and have rich colors. Gwen Stefani also used some fabulous prints from West Africa in her Spring/Summer collection for L.A.M.B.  Of course, prints also look just as good with monochromatic pieces, but the trendsetters will definitely be going all out, experimenting with wearing a multitude of patterns at once.

6.What item of clothing should we shift (bin) and what should we save?

I think that harem pants can be tossed since they are flattering on very few people. You should save those pieces that you really love becuase chances are it will come back into fashion, eventually.

7. Designer or High-Street?

I think how you wear clothes is more important than what brand of clothes you wear. Personal style is all about being creative, not necessarily spending a lot of money. For me, I like to mix classic designer pieces with trendier clothes from High-Street stores.

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