2010 Make-up

This fall is based upon four dynamic looks that will take you throughout A/W/10.

Two Tone Eyes
Two tone eyes add a splash of colour and soften your features dramatically. This 80's inspired make-up will brighten up bitter winter nights.
Tip for two tone eyes:
- A darker colour on your top eyelid and a lighter colour on the bottom will give a wide eyed effect.

The Wow Brow
Definition of the eyebrow and eyes with the wow brow makes a sensuous winter trend and add's steamy glamour to any look. 
Tip for Wow Brow:
Opt for warm colours such as coconut and rich copper.

The 'Hot' Lip
The Hot lip, also known by the Dark Lip, is a timelessly retro look inspired from the glamorous red carpet. Burgundy's, violet's and luscious dark pinks are the favoured colour's for this look and have made a bold impact on the catwalk.
Tip for the Hot Lip:
- Accentuating one feature of your face is important if you don't want to look overdone. So keep the rest of your face to a minimal amount of make-up.

The Graphic Eye
The graphic eye is all about futuristic clean cut alignments around the eye using eye-liner. This look works well with the shearling and psychedelic trends, but avoid teaming it with a gothic look as it will wash out your appearance.
Tip for The Graphic Eye:
- Use dark, monochrome tones for the ultimate effect.

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