Carine Roitfeld- Whats IS Going on?..

Carine has been in le papiers (translated to 'the papers', we are talking of a french extraordinaire, here) practically most days. A publicity stunt some might say (i.e. a jealous Katie Price), but she can't help the drama of her life being snatched up by the press.

The thing is, the Carine revolution for Vogue is ending...she's quit the job to pursue other options. However much we weep, and scream, and blubber over previous issues of vogue, it can't stop it from happening. Because something better is going to crash into it's place.

It is not official that Carine Roitfeld will be collaborating with Tom Ford on a design project set to turn Mcqueen in his grave (R.I.P). But, the chances of it happening seem to be quite...big.

So Get ready, world, you may be about to end up with the best designer dress to date.

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